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The most challenging aspect of PR is the pitch to attract media attention. It’s easy to copy and paste a previous media pitch and tweak it. However, this process quickly becomes stale. As a result, approach each new media pitch with a fresh mindset. In addition, stay future-focused, do research and get creative. So, I am sharing examples of how these steps worked for some of my clients: 

Stay Future-Focused (what is a media pitch list?)

Editorial calendars from relevant media outlets can be your best friend.

First, collect each publication’s media kit at the beginning of the year. Second, be sure to take note of the editorial calendars and deadlines. Third, keep this information top of mind. You do not want to miss an opportunity to secure media coverage for a client.

To begin our process with a new client, we first conduct a messaging session. Once the on-boarding is complete, we check the editorial calendars of local publications.

For instance, with Nancy Almodovar of Nan and Company Properties/Christie’s International Real Estate I found that Houston Modern Luxury’s June issue focused on real estate – a perfect fit. So, I reached out to the magazine’s editor in chief with the specific goal of securing media placement in the June issue.

The conversation began immediately. My initial outreach was in March, so, needless to say, planning ahead is essential. As a result, Nancy Almodovar was interviewed and included in the June issue.

Do Continuous Research (Find out what the media is talking about)

As a PR professional, it’s our job to insert clients into the conversation.

In order to do so, research what the media outlets are talking about. From there, make note of how they are addressing these topics.

For instance, do your research before contacting a media reporter. Above all, the goal is to make the potential story you pitched to the media as easy as possible for him/her to cover. 

My client, Menopause Taylor (Dr. Barbie Taylor, M.D.) is a menopause management expert. After brainstorming with my co-workers, I decided to pitch Sara Donchey with KPRC-NBC Channel 2. She produces a segment called “Women Making a Difference,” which is an ideal segment for my client. Therefore, when drafting my pitch, I made sure to, again, do my research! To clarify, I read several of Sara’s articles online and watched videos from previous segments. So, I was able to tailor one of her stories, incorporating information about Barbie. I mapped out exactly how the segment would run. Consequently, Sara Donchey responded the same day to schedule the segment.

Get Creative (Think outside the box to get media attention)

Depending on your client, experiment with unique ways to deliver their message to the media. For example, I changed the lyrics to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby – for my client, CRAVE cupcakes: 

All right stop, 

collaborate and listen 

CRAVE is back with their holiday editions

Sugar grabs a hold of me tightly 

Homemade everything daily and nightly 

Will you come by?

Yo, I hope so

Turn on the oven and we’ll go 

To the extreme, strawberry vanilla with cream

Bright up your day with a cupcake from CRAVE

As a result, this creative approach proved to be successful! The pitch secured holiday placement for CRAVE on KPRC-NBC Channel 2’s lifestyle show, Houston Life. This also opened the door to secure a placement months in advance for CRAVE’s Valentine’s Day treats. CRAVE showed off their heart-shaped rice krispies treats on-air. For the first time ever, they ended up selling out of these holiday treats!  In coCheck out two results of this media pitch.

Here’s a link to the holiday segment:

Here’s a link to the Valentine’s Day segment:


Kirby Cohen Levey

The PR Boutique Houston


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